Jason Day x PAYNTR Golf

Jason Day takes equity ownership in PAYNTR Golf, launching collaboration for innovative golf shoe collection.

- Partnership and collaborative effort to create a trailblazing golf footwear collection, blending Day's impeccable style preferences with PAYNTR Golf's cutting-edge propulsion technology, award-winning traction, and on-course comfort features.

- Over the next six months, the entire collaborative collection development will be highly visible as the brand's first foray into developing a silo of golf footwear with a classic design aesthetic with one of golf's most visible athletes.

Performance Advantage - PAYNTR Golf

  • "The PAYNTR X 002 has taken the No.1 spot in 2022. It has superb comfort while not sacrificing stability. The X 002 also has great traction that keeps you grounded no matter how hard you swing. It is one you definitely need to consider." - My Golf Spy

  • "As a relative newcomer, Payntr continues to impress, and their two new models have the brand off to a tremendous sophomore campaign. The X002 LE, their new flagship model excels in virtually every category – quality, style, comfort and top-of-the-line traction. "- Links Nation

  • "These Payntr golf shoes are supremely comfortable, stable through a variety of swing types, and need little to no break in time to feel like you've owned them for months." - Michael Croley for Business Insider